3 Things I’ve Learned from Hypothyroidism


I’m back!

After an 11 month hiatus I’ve dusted off my blog.

Let’s recap…

Last December we had a YouTube chat about how overwhelmed I was feeling and how I was shifting my online presence from a biz to a hobby. Part of that included temporarily archiving my blog.

Since then I’ve also been diagnosed with hypothyroidism (thanks to my super sleuth sister who also has it and tracked down an amazing doctor to treat us.)

Suddenly I realized why I wasn’t able to handle the amount of projects I had previously.

My body wasn’t working properly.

I may make a whole video about my experience (let me know if you’d like to see one), but for now I thought I’d write a little blog post and bring this full circle…

I’ve been on hypothyroid medicine for a couple months now and am starting to feel like my old self again!

Here are some of the symptoms I ignored:

Lack of Energy

Weight Gain

Difficulty Losing Weight

Digestion Problems


Dry Skin

You can start your research here if this list sounds familiar to you. I’m also happy to answer any questions about my experience, but I am still learning myself.

Now onto my takeaways…

1. I CAN slow down. And its good for me.

I’ve always been the classic overachiever. Ever since college I’ve had seasons of overwhelm and then crashing, but I’ve always bounced back after a few days.

When I was forced to slow down I rediscovered some old loves: reading books, slow paced craft projects (like cross stitch), cooking from scratch, and spending unhurried time with family.

Now that I have more energy I am trying to be very thoughtful about creating more balance in my days.

2. Log off.

Social media was the biggest rabbit hole for me. Right before my crash I was spending ALL DAY on social media. Tweeting, reposting, replying to comments. Keeping up with every single post in multiple FB groups.

When I had less energy it was the first thing to go.

I took everything (except IG) off my phone and haven’t looked back. I log into FB once a week or so to check into a few FB groups, but barely glance at my newsfeed now.

And I don’t miss it a bit.

Earth shattering.

3. Listen to my body.

If I’d been paying attention instead of mindlessly scrolling through FB I might have noticed these symptoms creeping up on me.

Now I am trying to listen to my body and give her what she needs. Morning walks, good food, gentle face washes, soaking baths.

I’ve spent long enough neglecting my body that I can’t go back to ignoring her just because she starts keeping up again.

(Wondering why I am calling my body she? Meet the lovely Sarah Jenks.)

So that’s why I’m back!

I’ve missed writing and I have more energy to spread around to the things I love.

I’m just dipping my toes back into the blogging waters without any strings for now.

You’ll notice my new blog is a free one (sorry about any ugly ads, but WP puts them there and I’m spending the money that used to go to hosting on books and craft supplies). #sorrynotsorry

I won’t be keeping a strict blog schedule, but I’m excited about having a space for my writing and letting my photography breathe a bit outside of Instagram’s grid.

My newsletter may come more often, but won’t return to once a week (more likely it will be a monthly recap).

I have a very exciting blog post scheduled for next week so keep your eyes open for it!

There’s a bit of shift coming and it just feels right down to my very bones.

What have you been up to? I’ve missed having this space to chat!

And if you’re a blogger leave links to one of your recent blog posts down below. 🙂






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4 thoughts on “3 Things I’ve Learned from Hypothyroidism

  1. Adnama72.wordpress.com says:

    Congenital disease. Some babies are born with a defective thyroid gland or no thyroid gland. In most cases, the thyroid gland didn’t develop normally for unknown reasons, but some children have an inherited form of the disorder. Often, infants with congenital hypothyroidism appear normal at birth. That’s one reason why most states now require newborn thyroid screening.

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