Meet Anndi | Project STIR Participant

Project STIR Blog Ambassador Anndi | The Norway Diaries

Aren’t they precious?

Anndi was one of Project STIR’s first supporters and immediately invited me to come film her learning a traditional Norweigian dish. The one she chose was Bestemorkake (meaning “Grandmother’s Best Cake”) because it was one of her husband’s favorites.

I met Anndi during my time working in the professional theatre circuit in Washington D.C. We kept in touch through social media and both got engaged around the same time. I packed to move to Arkansas and Anndi prepared to move to Norway. (Before Anndi starting sharing photos and stories from her new life I never knew how beautiful Norway was.)

Check out these beautiful kaketines (“cake tins”) that Anndi shared in The Project STIR FB group this week. Aren’t they gorgeous? (The cake on the right is the one that goes in the tall kaketine. It is called a kransekake and is a traditional Norwegian wedding cake.)

Norway Kaketine Kransekake | Project STIR Global Heirloom Recipes


Meet Anndi

I live in Stryn, Norway and love to cook from scratch, create theatre, paint porcelaine…anything. I tend to overbook myself because I just can’t get enough creating in! I blog at The Norway Diaries and run Anndi B. Creatives.

Why did you choose to participate in Project STIR?

So often we hear of families who just wish they had asked their grandmother how they made those noodles or their uncle what spices he used on the grill. It’s time to remember why cookbooks and recipe boxes used to be passed down through the generations and, more importantly, it’s time to start doing that again.

What is your favorite kitchen memory?

My grandfather had always been a little “rough around the edges” and would always say things like, “I can’t do dishes, that’s a pink job. Blue jobs are outside the house, pink jobs are inside.” I didn’t always agree with his theories but he had these moments of warmth and snuggles that made up for the eye-rolling moments.

About a month before he passed away I had made a dish called Eggs Degas for Christmas day brunch. He LOVED it. As he left the house that day he hugged me and whispered, “You’re gonna make a good wife someday.” While that sounds like very sexist remark to many outside our little family I know that what he meant was, “You’re going to have a wonderful future with your family and I don’t have to worry about you. You can take care of you and yours.” That meant a lot. (Love ya and miss ya, Gramps!)

What is your favorite kitchen tool?

My great grandmother’s old cookie cutters. Oh the memories!

Project STIR Blog Ambassador Anndi | The Norway Diaries

Have you had any kitchen disasters over the years?

I’ve always prided myself on being able to make ANYTHING but I can’t seem to make a plain white cake!! EVER! I just want a simple white cake recipe that won’t caramelize on top creating a shell and not letting the inside cook. It’s the WRONG kind of lava cake in the end. Grrr this one still gets me riled up.

What is your favorite family recipe?

I chose to blog about Mimi’s pumpkin pie mainly because of the season we are in. Pumpkin everything. Here in Norway a can of Libby’s pumpkin costs 60kr which is about $7 and I have to have them special ordered for me OR I have to drive a couple hours to an Asian mart to buy a butternut squash and process it myself. So if I make pumpkin pie for you here in Norway…I must really like you 🙂

Project STIR Blog Ambassador Anndi | The Norway Diaries

Is there anything else you want us to know?
There is a word in Norwegian that eludes a true definition in English but is used widely and quite regularly here in Norway:


Pronounced KOH-sell-eg. This word – to dilute it enough into English – basically means “cozy” but it’s so much more than that. It is an emotion, a feeling, an adjective. It’s when you feel that pang of emotion hit you in the chest followed by the warm-fuzzies of remembering “the old days” engulfed in an atmosphere of candlelight, large pillows, blankets and delicious smells. ALL of that in one word – koseleg.

Visit Anndi’s blog for more koseleg and her Mimi’s Pumpkin Pie recipe.

Project STIR Blog Ambassador Anndi | The Norway Diaries

Anndi is an American who found her way to Norway through the love of a Norwegian man. She moved to Norway in July of 2013 and now finds herself living with her husband and puppy in an old farmhouse up on a mountain overlooking a fjord. Anndi graduated from Tulane University in 2006 with a masters degree in theatrical design so she divides her professional life between theatre and guiding tourists as they come off the cruise ships on the fjords. She blogs at The Norway Diaries with the goal of introducing Norway through the fresh eyes of one of its newest admirers.

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  1. Nuvea says:

    Oh, my gosh! This is soo cool! I can’t believe someone is doing this. I’d definitely like to get involved. Your whole blog is very inspirational! So happy I came here.

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